So many Bridal Shoe Designs to Choose From

Brides should consider the style of their wedding gown, bridal jewelry, and other accessories when choosing their bridal shoes. Some of them even are transparent, so you can display your beautiful feet for maximum effect. Weddings are one of the most important days for most brides and a helping hand can be all that's needed to take away some of the stress. Some brides may like to consider having two pairs of shoes, one for the day time and one for dancing the night away. When it comes to wedding shoes, the size and feel are not the only thing that matters. For example, a silk ballet shoe is not suitable for wet weather or for walking on wet grass while closed leather shoes are not suitable for hot summer days. Flat bridal shoes usually have simple designs, although there are some that sparkle with crystals, pearls, rhinestones, and other faux or real gems. Your wedding shoes complement your wedding dress and therefore, should be given similar attention. On the contrary, some modern brides of today prefer wedding dresses with more colors, thus paired with any colorful footwear other than white shoes. When you are choosing a pair of shoes for your wedding, make sure that the shoes you choose are a heel height you are somewhat comfortable with and not something you need to get used to on the day itself.