Choosing the perfect wedding cake

Your wedding cake occupies a place of honor at the reception on a special table and the cake cutting ceremony is one of the most special moments of the wedding. Most cakes, especially on summer, might end up melted under the heat of the sun so you will want to be sure that the cake is preserved at the optimum temperature. One of the hottest cake top trends is individual initials or a monogram created with stunning Cake Jewelry, another is a couple resembling the bride and groom. Whether you want a retro, vintage, victorian, classic, or modern cake design, today's bakeries can fulfill your dream of the perfect wedding cake. You may need to provide in color samples and specify the theme to the baker so that the wedding cake can match the design of the room. Keep in mind that the traditional cream cheese frosting found on carrot cake is going to be cream colored rather than pure white. This may be perfectly fine as a number of wedding cakes are not of the pure white variety. Just something to be aware of if the color of the cream cheese icing may be an issue. You might even want to consider having individual or mini cakes to hand out to your guests either in place of or along with a traditional wedding cake. As you go to choose the perfect wedding cake consider the cost and the price of all the decorations in advance. This will assist with the vision you have for the wedding cake without blowing your budget. Through it all, remember to have fun. This is a unique celebration and one of the most joyous times of your life.